DoD Education Arm Looking for Cloud-Based Learning Management

In pursuit of the Department of Defense’s broader role, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is responsible for delivering K-12 training to approximately 68,500 dependent civilian staff.

In the process of modernizing schooling, DoDEA is searching for a stable, flexible, cloud-based contractor system that can support approximately 64,750 K-12 students and 12,500 staff, according to Beta.Sam.Gov.

As part of its mission, DoDEA runs 50 schools in seven nations, Puerto Rico and Cuba; 64 schools in Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Bahrain, Italy; and 45 schools in Korea, Japan, and Guam. Similar U.S. public education programs typically adopt DoDEA’s instruction, services, and comprehensive tests. In addition to in-person schools, DoDEA also runs Virtual High Schools with teaching centers in each DoDEA region: Americas, Europe, and the Pacific.

For its cloud-based LMS, DoDEA says it needs: “an intuitive interface for the creation, delivery, and tracking of web-based curricular content and instructional/assessment activities and (2) collaboration tools to both replicate and extend modalities found in a traditional K-12 classroom environment.”

Additionally, due to the “wide range of cognitive and fine motor skills of the K-12 student population,” the LMS interface also needs to be “easy to navigate and efficient and judicious in its display of visual, contextually relevant information to avoid confusion and impede instructional flow.”

DoDEA splits down the LMS specifications into four major categories: system-level functions and features; course-level functions and features; content-and assessment-level functions and features; user-level functions and features; and administrator-level functions, features, and tools for high-level administrative and mid-level “super users.”

For content-and assessment-level roles and functionality, DoDEA is searching for the following LMS:

  • Production of inline content;
  • Position of the course and management of the group;
  • polls and surveys;
  • Reporting and recording such as date/time stamps for when the material is produced, removed, added, and copied, as well as grade adjustments such as entries and deletions;
  • Course reminders and reminders such as forums, announcements, updates, messages, notifications of due dates, calendar notifications;
  • internal social interactions such as live chat, forum, wiki, discussions, and video conferencing;
  • A book of grades.

The contractor chosen would also be expected to provide instruction for all system managers and DoDEA workers. They will also provide relocation schedule and technical assistance and maintenance where they will be expected to “provide live responses to all issues within one business day.”

Offers are due by November 9, 2020. After the solicitation process, DoDEA plans to grant a fixed price deal with a five-year base period and five default years for a total of ten years.

This request is part of a more considerable effort to modernize the DoDEA infrastructure. In June, DoDEA released a request for information on a cloud-based, vendor-hosted approach to handle student activity funds in 64 of its schools worldwide.

The final solution would include a website that produces bank reconciliation records, overdue checks, and accounts’ audits.

The search engine indexed platform can have sequential archives of accounts payable, distributor sales, and other company transfers. The provider will also provide DoDEA staff with quality training and technical assistance throughout the deal.

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