5 Killer Quora Answers on Innovative Technology

What is Innovative Technology? Does it benefit humankind? Or is it something people are having trouble with? Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure – technology’s impact is higher than everyone expected.

Technology evolves– everyone knows this notion based on experience and pure observation. With us living with scientists, researchers, and innovators, innovation is a real thing to search through.

As cutting-edge technologies reach the market and are incorporated, high-end tools are produced to change the world. Without innovation, nothing will progress.

Over the last decades, innovation has become a significant way to patch up issues concerning critical social risks and business threats. With overpopulation, there’s a need to find solutions to population growth and build our way to sustainability as the world becomes more loaded.

Thanks to new technologies, products, and services, there are ways to better use of assets and resources.

In this article, you’d know how people view and understand what Innovative Technology is and how it transpires. If you’re in for an answer, read out these killer answers on Quora!

1. “Innovative technology is a technology that finds a new, better way to implement a process or creates a new one.” – Mattia Campagnano.

2. “We live in a world of rapid change. Right now, the Internet and mobile applications are changing the way we think, live, communicate with each other, and spend our leisure time.”

The wave of on-demand apps has revolutionized the services sector, providing people with fast and easy access to products and services that once were limited, luxury, or challenging to get. Nowadays you don’t even have to get up off the sofa to order food delivery, a massage or a taxi.” – Arsh Singh.

3. “Today, technology is at the base of our lives. We are so dependent on it that our lives will come to a standstill without it. Over the past few decades, researchers have continually pushed the boundaries to develop newer innovations in diverse fields, be it medicine, transport, or communications.

It is either in the form of mechanization or computerization. These technological innovations have further set the stage for more to come.” – Vishal Gambhir.

4. “Innovative technology is about homing in on the optimal solution a sort of evolutionary funnel towards the best, it’s INCREMENTAL.” – Tom Goodwin.

5. “Innovation furthers a technology.” – Scott Thompson.

Based on these five killer Quora answers, technological innovation creates opportunities for people to find new technological possibilities. People depend on technology this much as they let it do almost everything to make them breathe and enjoy life more than usual.


Whether it may be for business, advancement, or education purposes, technology innovation is a crucial component of any effort to serve individuals and families better.

With how the world is shifting right now, especially this year, it is only necessary to think about how IT plays a significant life role.

With Chat Bots, augmented reality, electric vehicles, 3D printing, and more are being fixed up to guide the human race. Technology also plays a substantial part in students’ support of their learning.

What’s your stand on Innovative Technology? Do you like innovation? Or would you like to stay in the same old cycle until the end?

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