3 Sites to Help You Become an Expert in Educational Technology

It is important to keep in mind that technology plays a big part in education. As many of you know, educational technology improves both teaching and learning.

As a student, wouldn’t you agree that technology helps you with the process of analyzing, designing, developing, employing, and evaluating your learning tasks?

As we all know, 2020 has been a challenging year for K-12 tech teams. With children having classes in their homes, innovators have been defining the goals and needs of education to design students’ most effective learning environment.

Because of remote learning in the US, today’s learning materials have greatly expanded because of various technological improvements.

Are you curious about Educational Technology? If you want to, here are three helpful sites for you to know more about it.

Check out the following sites for your consideration:

1. K-12 Tech Director (Our Website)

K-12 education is going through what could be considered a digital transformation. Today, kids like to be collaborative, and learning through technology has become part of their lifestyle.

Studies show that students who use iPads and Chromebooks at school are more engaged in their classes and receive better test scores. With an education that takes place online, technological devices have become the easiest way for students to learn.

In this website, K-12 Tech Director will bring you the latest and greatest news, articles, insights, and best practices for educational professionals that work in this digital age.

2. Brenthaven

Brenthaven designs the most protective cases for your mobile technology and builds products that will survive the rigors of your active digital lifestyle.

Aside from their products that help students survive the challenges of the K-12 environment, they also have resources to help you learn more about Educational Technology.

3. Gumdrop

With the rise of technology and remote learning, Gumdrop helps soften the blow with its premium grade products. Besides getting information about Educational Technology from them, consider purchasing their cases, which are all Tumbleproof, Goofproof, and ultimately KidProof.

With these three informational sites, you’d learn more than a thing or two about education and technology altogether.


Having access to other information outside learning books give students a variety of ways to learn better. With the changes and adjustments brought by the pandemic, technology enhances relationships between teachers and students.

A growth in EdTech is significantly needed in the demanding, ever-changing classroom environment. With or without the pandemic, the students of this generation are considered technological learners.

Gone are the days when students had to depend on limited resources as they can access and explore thousands of possibilities using different products—from tablet cases, iPads, to headsets and headphones today.

The importance of EdTech should be learned not just by students but also by their parents and other adults. Several tools have helped shape digital classrooms, and it will be beneficial to learn about them. Make sure to visit our page now and then!


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